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Garden View
Hello and Welcome! I decided to start this blog for everyone out there who has an interest, or WANTS to be interested, in living a life that is a little more sustainable. I am still learning, and invite you to follow this blog to learn along with me. I will share what I have learned as we go, and hopefully you will pitch in and share what YOU are doing to live a little more off of what you can grow and DO from home. PLEASE BELIEVE ME when I say, if I can learn how to do this on a very small backyard plot in a city, then ANYONE can do this!!

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Freshy Fresh Winter Skincare Routine

Just remember.  I'm NOT crunchy.  I'm sticking to that.  I have, however, experienced enough of a difference in making my own skin-body-hair care products that I can't go back to the synthetic/chemical-laden-plastic-bottled stuff in the store.


Ummm, chemicals.  That's why.  And you're putting them on your face!  Anywhere you have pores (i.e. anywhere you have skin), you will absorb what you put on it.  If the average person uses 10 different products on their skin daily, you're absorbing well over 100 different chemicals through your spongy body (yes, I just called you spongy.  I'm not saying you wear square pants and live in a pineapple under the sea.  Our skin is more like a sponge than a barrier with this stuff).  Take a gander at these digits (which are all EW!):
  • 4 Pounds: The average amount of lipstick a woman ingests over her lifetime
  • 11: The percentage of the 10,500 ingredients used in the personal-care products that the US      
  • 1,110+: The number of ingredients banned in cosmetics in Europe
  • 10: The number of ingredients banned in cosmetics in the US
  • 20: The percentage of personal care products that contain at least one chemical linked to cancer.
  • 22: The percentage of cosmetics contaminated with possible cancer causing impurity 1, 4-dioxane
Source:  The Environmental Working Group

Ready to ditch those pretty looking plastic store bought bottles yet?

I live in Colorado, where we enjoy beautiful weather year round.  But we also live in a cold dessert atmosphere.  That=DRYNESS.  We have a whole-house humidifier as well as individual room humidifiers to combat the dry air that causes dry skin, hair and static.  As soon as winter rolls around, the hair that begins to cling to my face and invite itself to explode as though I've recently befriended a light socket with my tongue, that's my cue to add a bit more moisture to my products and routine.  SO, since you already know I'm NOT crunchy but do enjoy natural alternatives and making my own, how's about I share my winter skincare routine with ya?

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