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Garden View
Hello and Welcome! I decided to start this blog for everyone out there who has an interest, or WANTS to be interested, in living a life that is a little more sustainable. I am still learning, and invite you to follow this blog to learn along with me. I will share what I have learned as we go, and hopefully you will pitch in and share what YOU are doing to live a little more off of what you can grow and DO from home. PLEASE BELIEVE ME when I say, if I can learn how to do this on a very small backyard plot in a city, then ANYONE can do this!!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to and Health Benefits of Sprouting

Yeah, so it's official.  I have it and I've got it BAD!  The gardening fever has affected me and it just keeps getting worse!  Winter hasn't even gotten into full swing here in suburbia Colorado, but I want to plant stuff NOW!!  I have my garden all planned and organized (maybe too much planning--just so I can spend time doing gardening related stuff), have seeds ordered and organized in a box according to when they will be seeded, and a spreadsheet that is alphabetized and ordered per plant according to planting times (another post will be following this on how to have an organized garden plan).  All that being said, I just want need to grow some stuff, so I ventured into another arena that I've been wanting to try-growing sprouts!  I went to my local gardening center and voila!  I have a sprouting system!
You can sprout seeds using just a mason jar and lid with holes punched through the top as well.  I liked this 'package' deal because it came with three basket tiers that gave me the option to grow a little, or up to 4 lbs of sprouts at the same time!  This came with the grocery store popular Alfalfa sprouts and I bought an extra package of 5-part salad mix.  I also liked this because if it's not simple and manageable, I won't do it; this was SO EASY to do!  I couldn't wait until the next morning, so I started my sprouts immediately.  The first step is to soak your seeds in water for a specified amount of time.  My Sprout Garden came with a handy-dandy growing chart with all of the popular sprouts on it and accompanying directions.  After the soaking, the sprouts need to just be quickly rinsed a minimum of 2x/day for a few days.  The last step is to set them in the sun for about a day so they can develop some chlorophyll (it's what makes 'em turn green), and that's it!

I started sprouting because I needed to grow something during the winter inside, but I actually DO like sprouts too!  Did you know that they can help to improve your immune system?  Not a bad idea for this flu season time of year.  According to some sources, daily consumption of these have helped some women control hot flashes and supported hormone function. They are also excellent sources of protein, are rich in essential nutrients (Vitamins A/C/B1/B6/K) and minerals (iron, calcium, easy to digest (high fiber, low calorie), a great source of enzymes AND contain Omega 3 fatty acids (the good-for-you kind)!  Just like everything else I have found so far, these taste MUCH better than the ones from the store.  You can taste that it's fresher, but it also seems that you can tell that it's packed with more nutrition since it hasn't been processed and sitting for who knows how long.

I was amazed at how simple this was; I truly was apprehensive of getting myself into something that was a total pain.  I got two gallon baggies full of sprouts with minimal effort on my part in 4 days (using only 2 baskets); AND it is satisfying that gardening/need-to-grow-something itch.....for now.

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