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Garden View
Hello and Welcome! I decided to start this blog for everyone out there who has an interest, or WANTS to be interested, in living a life that is a little more sustainable. I am still learning, and invite you to follow this blog to learn along with me. I will share what I have learned as we go, and hopefully you will pitch in and share what YOU are doing to live a little more off of what you can grow and DO from home. PLEASE BELIEVE ME when I say, if I can learn how to do this on a very small backyard plot in a city, then ANYONE can do this!!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's a White Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  What a wonderful site it was leaving a lovely candlelight Christmas Eve church service last night to find that there was beautiful sparkling snow falling down!  The snow continued through the night as the children scrambled to get things ready for Santa; yes, including sprinkling some reindeer food outside (oatmeal and crushed candy canes).  We woke up to a chilly but beautiful site this morning with about 2" of glittery, beautiful snow!  We did not have much moisture this last year (like everyone else) and have not had hardly any snow yet this winter, so I welcome the sight! 

The girls always softly hum to me from their coop when they hear me walk out to the let the dogs into the dog run in the morning, and this morning was no exception.  They don't get up and come out to greet me-just politely say hello in their own way!  It's funny how much laughter and sweetness just four chickens and a large bunny have brought to our lives!

The gate was opened this morning and the girls were allowed to roam if they wanted; only two took us up on the offer (George and Red).  Oh, and Odice-of course! 

My husband opened the back door and George hopped right inside!  These chickens just know what they want, I guess.  Maybe they are just admiring my Christmas present of new Garden Wellies with chickens all over them!

I hope you enjoy the day today-whether it is with family or otherwise.  Bask in the HOPE that the meaning of Christmas brings with the birth of Jesus Christ!

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